Chromia: Brief Development Update and October Recap

Chromia: Brief Development Update and October Recap

Development Updates

We understand that our community is eager to hear about our mainnet progress. Dedicated development update(s) will be released as major components of the mainnet are completed.

Progress on NFTs and Bridging Functionality

Development is continuing full speed ahead, with significant progress being made specifically on the Originals Protocol, Originals Hub, and Layer-2 asset bridging functionality. It is important to note that while we are still in ‘Phase 1’ of the rollout, development on later phases has also been occurring over the last few months. Please see the ‘word from our CTO’ on our website, and remember that predicting the exact order or timeframe in which things will be ready is often impossible and even detrimental to the agile development process.

Validator Agreements

We are pleased to report that we have already reached several preliminary agreements with industry partners who will run validator nodes for Chromia’s mainnet. These agreements are under NDA and will be announced in due course.

Business and Partner Developments

Here is a point form list of notable events with article links from October:

Coming up in November

November is starting off with a bang, as we have sent a delegation to the NFT.NYC event, of which we are also a Platinum Sponsor. The ‘Chromia Entourage’ includes:

  • Todd Miller (VP and head of US Business Development, ChromaWay)
  • Lenny Pettersson (CMO of My Neighbor Alice)
  • Keith McCullough (COO of Workinman Interactive)
  • Jung Woong Park (Co-Founder and COO of Revolve Games)

All four of our representatives will be speaking during the event, as well as showcasing their respective technology.

As usual, we will continue moving full speed ahead in both our business development and tech development departments. For Chromia, ChromaWay, and our partners, the best is yet to come.