My Neighbor Alice Alpha Season 4 is live on Shared Appnet

My Neighbor Alice Alpha Season 4 is live on Shared Appnet

My Neighbor Alice’s Alpha Season 4 has launched on Chromia’s Shared Appnet! We can’t wait for everyone to try it out. 

Launched in 2021, MNA is a multiplayer open-world game that allows users to explore, interact, and express creativity through land customization. Conceived as a fully on-chain gaming experience, MNA achieved its vision as Chromia's development progressed. In 2023, they ran their third alpha season on a standalone Chromia-powered network. Now, with the introduction of a Shared Appnet, My Neighbor Alice has launched its latest season on a multi-dapp network for the first time. 

MNA is the premiere example of how Chromia can be leveraged to deliver a high-quality and fully on-chain Web3 game. Here are some of the features our technology is delivering to ensure an excellent experience:

Chromia Launcher and SSO: Players complete their blockchain configuration before launching the game, freeing them to play without interruptions. 

Asset bridging from Binance Chain: A dedicated bridge allows players to send their ALICE tokens from Binance Chain to the Appnet and use them to craft exclusive items within the game.

Digital ownership: These items that are exclusively crafted are represented by NFTs. Even after AS4 ends, players will retain ownership. 

Fully on-chain design: My Neighbor Alice is a 100% on-chain game. The player’s progress, ALICE tokens, NFTs, and even the game logic are stored and executed on Chromia.

We are proud of the work done by the MNA team, and we are excited to see their product continue to evolve while trailblazing a path for future games powered by Chromia that will redefine what a blockchain game can look and feel like. To learn more and start playing Alpha Season 4, visit My Neighbor Alice’s website

Our Shared Appnet continues to grow and is now hosting My Neighbor Alice, BLK DNM Connected Fashion, and the VfB Stuttgart Marketplace. More additions will be made as we move into 2024 and ever closer to the launch of Chromia Mainnet 1.0 - be sure to follow Chromia across our social media channels to stay informed on the latest news!

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