Chromia: November Recap and Development Update

Chromia: November Recap and Development Update

TLDR Highlights from this Article:

  • Key areas of development progress this month were Dapp containers and the Interchain messaging system
  • We have announced our first industry validator, Asymm Ventures
  • Chromia has launched an $80m Metaverse Grant Program in cooperation with My Neighbor Alice and Mines of Dalarnia
  • We have announced a multiplayer blockchain game, “Chromia Spaces”, which is planned to be developed in 2022-2023. Check out the article and Youtube trailer!

A Reminder About our Mainnet Timeline

The question “when mainnet” is a common one in our Telegram channels, so we would like to take this opportunity to explain our agile development process and point people towards the official information available about this topic.

Roadmap and statement from Alex Mizrahi, CTO -

The ‘TLDR’ of Alex’s statement is: “we have an overall plan, but it is not possible or practical to give an exact order or exact completion dates because the development process is unpredictable”.  

The technical roadmap lists components which are complete, as well as building blocks being worked on. The current list of tasks in progress include: block hooks, postchain synchronization overhaul, containerized resource management for dapps, and Ethereum L2 subsystem.

In November, significant progress was made on containerized resource management. This feature allows each Dapp running on Chromia to own its own ‘resource container’, creating a structure similar to Amazon AWS. These containers need to be managed by the protocol, to ensure that an individual Dapp cannot destabilize the network by requesting too much computational power (i.e. if a Dapp is being deliberately spammed with transactions by a malicious actor). Key commits have been made towards this goal and will now be reviewed, refined, and internally tested.

In addition, we are also hard at work on our “Inter-chain messaging facility”, or ICMF. In simple terms, this is required for Chromia to function as a L2 for other blockchains and also to communicate across chains inside the network.

More Development Information

The October Recap

Q2 Update and Mainnet Phase Outline

The mainnet phases listed in the Q2 article can be summarized as:

Phase 1: Industry Validator Onboarding, Community Test Networks

Phase 2: Community Validator Onboarding

Phase 3: Layer-2 Functionality on Mainnet

Phase 4: Native CHR Deployment

Phase 5: Independent Application Deployment

Looking back at this outline simply reinforces Alex’s statement on the roadmap - sometimes things don’t happen in the anticipated order. For example, intense development is currently ongoing for Phase 3 and 5, while Phase 2 will become a point of focus later.

Industry Validator Onboarding

On November 29th, we unveiled Asymm Ventures as our first industry partner who will be running a validator node for our mainnet. As mentioned in October’s update, agreements with several other partners have been reached and will be announced in due course.

Notable News for November:

  • The NFT.NYC event was a huge success, with Chromia and its ecosystem projects raising awareness and making several important connections with other industry leaders
  • Alex Mizrahi made an appearance at the Blockchain UA in Ukraine on November 3
  • Binance featured CHR and ALICE tokens in an ‘Explore the World of Metaverse’ promotion
  • Chromia, My Neighbor Alice, and Mines of Dalarnia announced the launch of an $80m Metaverse Grant Program, designed to attract third party development to the Chromia gaming ecosystem
  • Chromia reached 100K followers on Twitter!
  • We announced Chromia Spaces, a multiplayer blockchain and NFT enabled persistent world game to be developed by Chromia, for Chromia!
  • We have launched a dedicated Korean Announcement Channel, Chat Group and Blog for Chromia and the projects within its ecosystem

Coming Up in December

  • Further development on Dapp containers and ICMF
  • Todd Miller (VP of ChromaWay) will be speaking at Blockchain Finance Forum on December 8-9th
  • Ginés Sánchez Navarro (Business Strategy & Operations at ChromaWay) presents Chromia at Valencia Digital Summit 2021 this December 15-16th
  • Further news and announcements as they become available!

We will continue pressing forward in both our business development and tech departments. We will have more exciting news to share in the coming weeks! Until next time, Chromians!