August 2022 Recap and Development Update

August 2022 Recap and Development Update

TLDR Highlights from this Article:

  • The roadmap on our website has been updated as of August 23
  • Coding for the EIF component of mainnet has been completed
  • Work on H-Bridge, Directory Chain and FT4 is ongoing
  • Summary of notable news and events from August

Roadmap and statement from Alex Mizrahi, CTO -

The ‘TLDR’ of Alex’s statement is:

“we have an overall plan, but it is not possible or practical to give exact completion dates”.

Chromia develops primarily on Gitlab, with additional code on Bitbucket.

EIF (Ethereum Interoperability Framework)

EIF is the set of functions that allow Chromia to communicate with Ethereum and other EVM chains (BNB Chain, Polygon, Fantom, AVAX C-Chain, etc.). EIF coding is now complete, and development has shifted to completing the hardened bridge.

In September we will publish an article focusing on the Ethereum Interoperability Framework, giving examples of how it can be used by app developers.

Hardened Bridge (H-Bridge)

A hardened EVM asset bridge is being built which utilizes EIF functions, allowing Chromia Network to bridge assets to and from EVM chains. The term ‘hardened’ means that security is prioritized over speed, requiring a higher standard of confirmations and checkpoints before assets are transferred.  

Development on the H-Bridge is well underway, coding is ~80% complete. Upon completion, it will be thoroughly tested to ensure that it is production ready.

D1 Network System (Directory Chain, ICMF, and Hierarchical Anchoring)

Directory Chain

The Directory Chain is responsible for coordination of the network as a whole. It stores all information needed to run the network, such as a list of providers and nodes, and configurations of all blockchains.

In August, we completed a code generation tool along with a plugin for testing Rell code and generating client stubs for use in Kotlin applications. These tools will significantly increase the speed of development for all D1 Network components.

Also, two additional developers have been added to the team working on Directory Chain, and we are anticipating a very productive September.  

ICMF and Hierarchical Anchoring

Due to the network’s design, these components depend heavily on the Directory Chain. Focus will shift to these components once we have made further progress on DC.

FT4 Token Standard

FT is Chromia’s token standard which will support all fungible, non-fungible and native CHR tokens on the Chromia network. We have collected feedback about FT3 and are working on the next generation - FT4 - which introduces compatibility with Metamask and implements built-in spending policies that allow more precise access delegation.

We have a separate team working on FT4 objectives, and progress is ongoing.

Notable News for August 2022

  • On August 1st, we shared this video, showcasing a panel discussion from NFT NYC that included team members from Chromia, My Neighbor Alice, and Mines of Dalarnia.
  • On August 5th, we posted our most recent Chromia Stories Podcast, an interview with Riccardo Sibani (Chief Product Officer of My Neighbor Alice). Check it out!
  • On Sunday August 14th, Senior Marketing Lead Anastasia Plane and South Asian Business Lead Vaibhav Gupta joined the Crypto Miners telegram group for an AMA.
  • On August 23rd, we published the previously mentioned roadmap update. The update includes checkpoints for Testnet Mark 2, as well as Mainnet Launch.
  • From August 24-28th, Head of Commercial Development Joel Satin represented Chromia at one of the world’s largest computer and video games events, Gamescom.

Coming up in September 2022

  • Development on H-Bridge, Directory Chain, ICMF, Hierarchical Anchoring and FT4
  • Further news and announcements as they become available!

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