April 2022 Recap and Development Update

April 2022 Recap and Development Update

TLDR Highlights from this Article:

  • The majority of development now occurs on Gitlab
  • FT3 (Chromia token standard) audit is ongoing
  • We have finalized and merged updated versions of Postchain and Rell
  • Our mainnet development team has been expanded
  • The remaining roadmap items are being developed in parallel

Development Updates

Roadmap and statement from Alex Mizrahi, CTO - https://chromia.com/roadmap/.

The ‘TLDR’ of Alex’s statement is:

“We have an overall plan, but it is not possible or practical to give an exact order or exact completion dates because the development process is unpredictable."

Migration to Gitlab has been completed

In order to improve operational efficiency, Chromia’s development team has migrated the majority of core development from Bitbucket to Gitlab. While Bitbucket is still used sparingly, anyone keeping an eye on development should primarily focus on Gitlab.

Mainnet Development Team has been expanded

Three new developers were added to the team in April to accelerate platform development, with a focus on bridges to external blockchains (i.e. Ethereum, BNB Chain).

EBSI EU Tender Update

ChromaWay is among the top 5 finalists developing blockchain solutions for the European Union’s future infrastructure. We are currently participating in Phase 2A, demonstrating the technical maturity of the Chromia blockchain. The team is carrying out load testing to show the capability of Chromia to support millions of transactions per second, as well as stress testing to prove robustness, unit testing to prove integrity, and integration testing to demonstrate interoperability with other blockchains and technological infrastructure.

Technical Roadmap Updates

Rell and Postchain Updates

In the first half of April, significant updates were delivered on both Rell and Postchain. These updates pushed enriched features necessary for the completion of ICMF, as well as our other mainnet components.

Cross-Chain Communication Subsystem (ICMF)

Interchain messaging facility is one of the key pieces of our mainnet vision, which allows seamless communication across every chain on our blockchain network. In our previous update, we anticipated ICMF completion in April. While we came close to achieving this goal, there is still more work to do before we can consider ICMF to be mainnet-ready. We are confident that work on this module will be completed in May.

FT3 Audit (carried over from March)

FT3 is Chromia’s token standard which will support all fungible, non-fungible, and native CHR tokens on the Chromia network. A third-party audit of FT3 began in March and is still ongoing.

Remaining Mainnet Modules

Our roadmap has a brief description of the various mainnet components in progress. Due to heavy overlap of our Directory Chain, L2 functionality, Hierarchical anchoring, and Containerization, these items are being developed in parallel and will likely be completed at the same time (as opposed to being checked off one by one). The coming months will be very eventful for our development team and our community. We encourage everyone to review the daily activity happening in our codebase - there is a lot going on!

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Notable News for April 2022

  • In early April, we established the Chromia Stories podcast page and posted four episodes featuring various Chromia Ecosystem developers (Keith McCollough, Oliwer Svensson, Vikor Plane, Dennis Kirsch, and Simon Sorgenfrei)
  • Chromia joined several other industry leaders in sponsoring Miami NFT Week, and we also sent a delegation including team members from ChromaWay, Mines of Dalarnia, and Corite
  • On April 12, Chromia participated in Paris NFT Day, spreading the word about our rapidly growing ecosystem. Check out this post on our Instagram page for photos!
  • Lenny Petterson (CEO of My Neighbor Alice) and Olena Burutina (Business Development Manager at ChromaWay) participated in STHLM Fintech Week from April 19-to 22
  • Chain of Alliance now has a live Testnet version running on Chromia. Check out their Discord Server to learn more!
  • On April 26th Mines of Dalarnia launched their mainnet on BNB Chain, attracting over 8000 players in their first week. We are proud to see the success of a project incubated by Chromia Studios and will continue supporting the project moving forward!

Coming up in May 2022

  • Completion of ICMF
  • An article outlining the benefits and applications of the Chromia Originals metadata layer
  • Further news and announcements as they become available!

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